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Made in USA Certification

The AAAI prides itself on working with our manufacturing members to promote employment in the
US by maintaining offices, workers and manufacturing capabilities in the US. All of our manufacturing
members self-certify that they are manufacturing in the US and working to increase their number of
employees in America. Our individual members and service company members also pledge to support
American companies and employ US citizens in their service positions. The AAAI encourages and
requests that our members work to support other US manufacturer’s by procuring their parts “USA
Made” as much as possible.
For information of the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) rules to claim “Made in the USA”, follow this
With this in mind, we are pleased to maintain a relationship with companies that certify a products
“Made in the USA” standing. For information on how to receive certification of “Made in the USA”
manufacture, please contact the following organizations:
Made in USA Certified®:
Made in the USA Brand: